JD Choi, J.D., CPA

JD Choi, J.D., CPA, is a leader in tax technology and an international tax expert. Under his direction, Tax Technologies, Inc.’s (TTI) built Tax Series, an integrated corporate tax software that is used by several multinational companies today. JD’s passion for building a comprehensive tax software solution is based on years of experience in tax technology and his vision for the development of comprehensive global tax reporting tools.
JD’s foresight into the rise of global reporting requirements such as global provision reporting; and global income inclusion calculations for U.S. tax liability such as GILTI and the OECD’s Country-by-Country reporting, led to the development of a comprehensive worldwide data collection, computation, and reporting software.

JD has published several articles on tax technology issues that are still relevant today. For example, he shared his vision for the future of tax technology in “Tax Technology Today and Tomorrow” (Capital Markets CIO Outlook). He also warned companies about the use of spreadsheet and technology debt in his article “End-User Computing and Technical Debt in Taxation” that was published in CIO Review.
JD has also been invited to share his views on employees working remotely that was imposed during the COVID 19 pandemic. He shared the stage at the World Knowledge Forum 2020 with renowned author Bruce Daisley who wrote “The Joy of Work” and discussed his experience dealing with the implementation of employees working remotely during the “The Future of Work” session.