Despite the economic regression in Sudan, the military government has increased taxes. This is according to a report by Africa Tax Review, an online platform that follows tax updates in Africa. According to this platform, a report released in mid-October, 2022, called the Sudan Transparency and Policy Tracker (STPT), revealed the ruling military government’s decision to increase the price of everything and the tax on everything. (Recall that a coup, back in October 2021, brought about a military rule in Sudan).

The STPT, according to Africa Tax Review, indicated that this tax increase by the military government could lead to a recession in the Sudanese business sector, reduce the purchasing power of the citizens (since the government also increased the prices of everything), and even bring down the Sudanese economy by the end of 2022.

In addition, Suliman Baldo, the founder and director of STPT, lamenting the decision of the government, stated that, “While the coup government is increasing collection across the board, the government spending on essential services, such as the supply of clean drinking water to households and power to residential, industrial and commercial areas, is a fraction of what it should be.”

Eddie Rowe, Country Director of the World Food Programme (WFP) in Sudan, also expressed his worry about the soaring prices of food items. He added that all the blossoming plans for economic reform by the civilian government had been halted by the military coup.

STPT’s report further enunciated that the situation of things in Sudan is traceable to increased corruption, lack of judicial independence, weak rule of law, and lack of public-sector accountability, all of which it (STPT) sees as resulting from last year’s coup.

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