On Friday, 21st October 2022, Taylor Swift released her tenth studio album, “Midnights”. Kelly Phillips Erb (Taxgirl®), of Bloomberg Tax’s “Tax Insights & Commentary”, offered some words of insight to tax and legal professionals about Swift’s well-informed sense of business.

On Bloomberg Tax’s news website, Kelly Erb noted that Taylor Swift maximized the attention she had when she was receiving her MTV VMA award, to announce her forthcoming album. Taylor Swift followed up her announcement with Instagram posts, thereby “keeping the internet abuzz”, in Erb’s words. Although, the tax and legal profession might not exactly allow for advertisement, Erb noted that tax and legal professionals can create their own buzz by telling the story they want potential clients to know about their business.

Furthermore, Taylor Swift mentioned Janet Jackson in “Snow on the Beach”, one of the songs on the album. Taxgirl® noted that professionals can, in like manner, “name-drop”. Swift’s gesture prompted Jackson’s filming of herself listening to the song and posting it on her TikTok. Taxgirl® commented that tax and legal professionals could take a cue from this and in like manner always acknowledge notable persons in their field who inspire or have inspired them in their journey.

Also, Erb encouraged tax and legal professionals to dare to try something new, like Swift did by releasing her album in the midnight and even teasing some extra content via Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night NFL action. According to Erb, it “could be something simple, like dipping your toe into social or something more complex, such as learning a new area of focus like cryptocurrency or sales tax.”

In addition, tax and legal professionals should strive to always deliver more than expected. Kelly Erb pointed out Swift’s creative treat of her (Swift’s) fans to a careful crafting of her album tracks, for months, to tell “the stories of 13 sleepless nights”. After releasing her album containing 13 songs, she, very shortly afterwards (a few hours later), announced the release of 7 more songs she had written. Just as Swift’s fans were thrilled by this, Erb noted that clients would be happy when their tax and legal professionals met their expectations, and, even lovelier, wowed if they exceeded them.

Taxgirl® furthermore noted that seemingly little acts like remembering a client’s birthday and sending a note, an end-of-the-year “thank you” via a box of chocolates, a client newsletter, and so on, could all be appreciated as delivering more than expected. In Erb’s words, “More doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be more.”

Finally, in her Swift (pun intended) message, Erb enjoined tax and legal professionals to strive to always stand out.

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